About Us COMPANY Simplcom Inc, holding corporation involved in High Technology Solutions, has been on the National Research Council of Canada since 1995.
With HQs in Quebec City, and representations in Berlin, London and Paris.
We are dedicated providing High Tech solutions in IT, renewable Energy, and security world wide.
Our services are built to make technology work for our client's business growth - to incrementally increase ROI and maintain a sustained competitive advantage in the global market. As soon as we engage with our clients, we ensure that our team clearly understands the client's unique business challenges and proposes a solution that keeps the best interest of the client in mind.

Simplcom Inc was founded by a team with many years experience of a range of business issues and sectors. Our directors have many years experience in technical and economic assessment of IT and energy projects, management of commercial contracts and relationships, and managing investment in new business start-ups. Business strategy: value-creating solutions
We are dedicated to improving the strategic competitive position of our portfolio business by:

• continuing to invest significant resources both for the improvement of our projects and technologies able to sustain future innovation
• developing value-creating projects exceeding our clients' expectations
• attracting and retaining the best people by supporting their personal and professional growth with an attractive leadership model
• pursuing opportunities for growth in new business areas where our values and competencies are key success factors
• consistently with the principles of social and environmental responsibility
• aligning our business process to the international "best practices"
• delivering reliable-innovation solutions to our customers

One of the reasons of Simplcom Inc success lies in its clear and shared leadership model:

• To be the best

We aim to be the best in all the businesses in which we operate.
We strive to execute the highest quality projects, applying the most effective processes and delivering useful services.
We are committed to attracting and retaining the best people.

• Customer satisfaction

We strive to give our customers positive surprises by putting our experience and know-how at their service to generate value-creating solutions.

• Employee happiness

We care for our employees by assuring them professional growth, participation in company decisions, possibility to develop their talents in a decentralized structure, having fun in what they do.

The leader critical factors are:
• Vision
• Working with others
• Problem-solving
• Coaching
• Communicating

How we do it  ?
We work collaboratively with our clients. Simplcom Inc establishes partnerships, not client-vendor relationships. Throughout every engagement, we observe the following guidelines: 

  • Engage our experts to work directly with the client.
  • Keep cost and quality always in focus -- We focus on delivering it right the first
  • Ensure client participation throughout the engagement cycle.
  • Set up checks and balances in our systems and processes to ensure quality and timely deliveries 
  • Provide post-implementation support
  • Our projects comply with clearly defined delivery metrics. We ensure that our clients have full visibility into the projects and project teams through multiple touch points. 

 What Empowers Us  ?

 Simplcom Inc is equipped with the organizational infrastructure for executing engagements at the highest levels of delivery standards.  We attribute the success of our solutions and the level of excellence that we deliver to five basic ingredients: 
1) Proven methodologies
2) Right metrics
3) Multi cultural and multi lingual expert manpower resources
4) Industry-accepted security standards
5) Business continuity procedures

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